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This is my dog Scorch, and this is just one of the several huge vet bills that we have to pay to keep him healthy.

We took Scorch to be fixed when he was young. This veterinarian has a great reputation in our town, which is why we took him there. We thought it went well, but over 10 years later we found out that they only removed one testicle, because the other testicle was inside of him. It’s called an undescended testicle.

Understanding that mistakes can happen, we took him back to have it removed. His surgery seemed to go well yet again. Just a few days ago we found out that isn’t the case because the testicle was STILL there. Scorch was taken to another vet and xrays showed that it was never removed.

Even worse, it had a tumor on it. If his testicle had been removed when they claimed it was, this would have never happened. The tumor was basically interfering with his bladder, making him unable to urinate. He now has to wear a catheter, and even then Scorch is struggling to relieve himself.

As if that isn’t enough of a nightmare, we found out that he somehow contacted a deadly bacteria in his urinary tract. The medication he needs is so strong that it can’t even be handled without gloves. It’s even resistant to most antibiotics! My mom can’t go near him because she has failed kidneys, is starting dialysis, and if she contracts it she will not survive. This infection can take 30 days or longer to clear up.

My family has been watching Scorch to ensure he’s urinating, but on 12/10 we knew something was wrong when he hadn’t gone all day. First thing in the morning, he was taken to our new vet where he had to have emergency surgery on the spot. They removed the testicle with the tumor, did some procedure to help with the elasticity in his bladder, and took a pancreas biopsy to test for any further issues.

I was always taught not to take something unless I’ve earned it, and I would never ask for help with this massive bill if I didn’t need it. I will do anything it takes to pay his vet bills and ensure that he does not suffer and will be healthy. Scorch has been my companion for more than 10 years. He is a good dog and I can’t stand to see him suffer, but I also can’t afford these bills.

I will be placing a PayPal button or link on my page somehow. If even 1/4 of my followers donated a dollar, it would pay for a huge chunk. Every cent I make from this will go to his vet bills. Although it’s unlikely, but if anything is left over it will go to an animal rescue organization.

With my mom’s piled up hospital bills and her inability to work, this is a huge stress on my family and I. I appreciate any kind of support I can get, even signal boosts and reblogs.

If you donate something PLEASE send me a message in my inbox so I can find a way to thank you! And thank you for taking the time to read this.

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